Athlete Forms

The three main green buttons below need to be completed by November 30th

Attached are three Northern Division Forms due for athletes U14's and older. Hold Harmless, Medical Release, and the Team Agreement

Collegiate athletes who are on an official Roster of MSU or RMC need to have on file two forms : Hold Harmless and Medical Release

ALL coaches are to have a signed copy of the Team Agreement on file.

If an athlete is accepted into a CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT, their payment must be received IN FULL by the payment deadline as determined by The Northern Division Manager for said event, or an said athlete will forfeit their spot in the event and the alternate will be contacted. Their name will be removed from the seeding/start list and the alternate will be added.

Please share with your athletes that these forms are due to the divisional office BY November 30th. They are digital and parents/athletes can request a copy of their own responses.

Northern Division Travel Policies

  • All Northern Division member athletes placing intent to travel with a Northern Division team during the current season are required to have four Northern forms (Medical Release, Team Agreement, Hold Harmless, Financial Agreement) on file with the divisional manager by November 30th. Collegiate athletes are required to have two forms (Medical Release and Hold Harmless) on file at the office. All coaches who travel with clubs are required to have a Team Agreement on file.

It is the athletes responsibility to maintain a current address, e-mail address, and phone number with the Northern Division Manager.

  • All athletes are required to be in current financial standing with the Division and Region in order to continue to participate in divisional projects at out of division races. If an athlete does not stay financially current with the division, the division will NOT offer any athlete support in the form of:

    • Coaching, including representation at team captains meetings, plus

    • Athletes will be totally self-sufficient, on their own for transportation, food, and lodging.

  • All fees associated with participation in divisionally-conducted training and/or Northern Division competition projects are due prior to the start (travel day if applicable) of the project in the divisional office. No services will be rendered to athletes who have not made payment prior to the beginning of any project. Applicable fees are announced at the time of the selection list or quota is announced.

  • If an athlete chooses not to participate in team lodging, then that athlete must notify the divisional manager at the time that selections are announced and at the date of confirmation of their attendance.

  • Refunds will be granted for withdrawal from projects or competition trips or for partial attendance for injury, illness or family emergency on the following schedule:

    • 100% -- 14 days prior to the first day of the project (includes travel day)

    • 75% -- 7 days prior to the first day of the project

    • 50% -- 0 to 6 days prior to the first day of the project

    • $? -- Recoverable costs only after the beginning of the project.

    • Also, with regard to Northern Division race entries, entry fees will only be refundable (except in the case of injury, illness, or family emergency) if the athlete is pulled from the Northern event by 5 p.m. the previous day.

  • Policy reminder: Athletes under 18 cannot ride in the vehicles driven by other athletes. Athlete drivers turn in their car keys to the head coach when they arrive at an event. Only written parental consent may override this policy.

Intent to Compete

Intent to Compete Declaration Method

Intents will be used to construct regional selection boards for:

  • US Continental Cup NorAm competitions (national quota)

  • Canadian FIS competitions (national quota)

  • Canadian National Championships (national quota)

  • Rocky-Central FIS competitions (regional quota)

  • Eastern Region FIS competitions (regional quota)

  • FISU competition (national quota)

  • Foreign competition outside North America (national quota)

Intents will be submitted on the U.S. Ski & Snowboard website. Please refer to the regional website for instructions. Intents may be declared on the first day of the month prior to the competition and are due 21 days prior to the first team captain's meeting. Intents must be confirmed 16 days prior to the first team captain’s meeting There is a calendar on the website with Intent Deadlines clearly marked on the day.

Intents may be submitted for multiple race series for any given dates within a period. All quotas in Canada are national and determined by national rank using FIS points by the national office. Selected athletes must be confirmed on the intent site 16 days prior to the first team captain’s meeting.

For regional quotas, ranking lists will be constructed for selection purposes based on the National points list valid on the date the intents close. Selected athletes: coaches who intended the athlete will be notified electronically, as soon as the boards are done. The deadline to confirm will be published on the intent site 16 days from the first TC meeting of the series. Unconfirmed athletes will be pulled.

New for 2020-21: Only those athletes who intend 21 days prior to the first TC meeting will be ranked on the selection board. Confirmed athletes who want to attend the event must go to Athlete Event Registration at (or to a different payment portal if instructed) and pay race entries. Payment must be received by the 16-day confirmation deadline or athletes will be pulled.

New for 2021-2022: FIS Elite Series athletes of Western Region will consist of Automatics named by the region or advancing through the devo series or through a selection board at the regional level. There will not be an intents process for this level of racing, but a listing of eligible athletes, but coaches will still need to confirm by the stated deadline. The regional administrator will send in entries for the elite series, while Divisional Managers will be responsible for intents selections and entried for the development FIS Series.

Official's Forms