Friday May 29, 2020 ACC Spring

ND ACC Spring/Summer Meeting Minutes

Friday May 29th, 2020

Online ZOOM COVID-19 Meeting

Called to Order: 4:00 p.m.

Jeremy: Recording. Cover a few things first. Welcome! Observations of the season. Races ran pretty smoothly. Some areas had snow- some did not. Challenges with weather and rescheduling went well. Thanks for everyone that helped. Speed camp also, thanks to everyone. Weird end to season with Covid, on conference calls when on way to Terry Peak, lots of zoom calls. Interesting spring moving into summer

Welcome/Identification of Members present: Ryan, Jeremy W, Jerry W, Lisa Jamin, Dylan, Jeremy U, Larue, Tiffany, Craig, Kim, Roy, Sherri, John, Annie, Evan, Mike, Rick, Chad, Alex

Approval of Minutes from Winter ACC Meeting: Roger moves to approve, Lisa 2nd. Unanimously approved

Old Business:

  • Program Status – clubs report on their current overall program status (staffing, funding, events, etc...)

    • All Clubs reported – things are good – Blacktail looking to homologate – Maverick trying to increase inventory to hold races in future; not this next season, but further into the future – needing B net. Welcome to Casper who have come back into Northern Division! Summer camps are hoping to happen – May 15th no overnight summer camps – if you are a club going as a group, you don’t fit into those rules – those are for commercial camps and Big Sky looking to hold their camp and cannot open it up to other clubs.

    • Big Sky will open early for a Thanksgiving camp – pricing good – Jeremy sent list of contacts and BS will send out blast email about that – open 5 days early just for race camps – on Ambush and Tippy’s – look for that coming out in next few weeks - we did it 7 years ago and Sun Valley copied it and have been doing it since. Opening Day is Thanksgiving Day always – they want reservations – all modeled after Panorama

    • Casper 35 in SkillsQuest with 25 in devo/ability as we have state high school participating- we are excited to be back – have night skiing now – look forward to hosting races

  • ACC Chair Report – ACC Chair

    • Congress/Western Region Update – List to go through –anyone else jump in.

      • Jeremy:

        • Age change proposed again – hard to know if it will pass at the FIS level – Impact on all the teams – our age change 8 years ago some things were good and beneficial – FIS age is proposed to go to 15 years old – huge impact – differing opinions- not really openly discussed- if it goes through, we will all have to figure out how this affects us in the following year – Craig says it is being pushed by the higher levels of the organization – we as a division can make a statement and give opinion – Lisa – said if it happens, it will trickle down – wants to know what was thought process? Jeremy had some thoughts – health of sport – discussion started years ago – ability class thing was PNSA and Rocky tried it out – they sort of said it was okay – it sort of worked but it is not going anywhere - Kids need to quit working about points and work on their development and their skills – no matter what happens Evan says we have to make the best of it – this is an opportunity to keep kids longer in the sport one extra year- pros and cons to the whole age change thing. Majority of countries need to agree with this- so not sure what may happen and it is out of our control – Roger said focus on positive and run with that – we will be fine

        • Skier-Cross – Will Brandenburg worked on – lots of calls – Sun Valley had some kids FIS aged but not sure if they wanted to race – so he sat down and talked to the families – so they created a skier cross team and they trained the terrain park and did more free skiing – which we do a lot in our division – they just don’t do that – our younger athletes get a lot of terrain in and time to develop skills – Roger Bay is a representative on the committee – Jeremy will be on the U14 committee to discuss how to bring it into division and regions as a competition – he would like to see all divisions put a skier cross race for U14 and under in our schedule – calls will be a lot of learning – courses are made appropriate for age of athletes – wave track, table tops – easy & tame – a lot of discussion still to be had

        • Course setting – GS minimum moved to 200 min to accommodate East and Midwest where they have a need for the change – this does not mean we should change what we have been racing on here – so that is not something we should be looking at – ski regs have not seen anything brought up

        • Homologations – all are on the website – you can check the national site by searching for homologations and there is a link – you do need to get your paperwork in and get on the list to get them re-homologated if needed

        • Health of Sport – big thing this year – age change – restrictions on age starts – higher that what was proposed by committee – for U16’s and older Head to Head competition – meant to address retention – one year and a half of meetings and came up with recommendations

      • Tim:

        • FIS starts and verbiage changed

        • Improve retention lower cost, enhance development

        • Ability racing – head to head should be used for selections

        • National selections may use seed points - exceptions

        • Racing in S Hemisphere for first year’s start limit tech starts

        • 2004 35 sl and FIS starts

        • 2005 25 sl and gs national starts

        • 2006 25 sl and gs national; starts

        • Discourages point chasing -more head to head competition and qualification

  • Northern Division Business

    • Open ACC Position/Athlete Rep: Nominations for the Athlete Rep on the ACC – has to be someone who has competed in the past 10 years – and will represent the athletes. Jamin nominated Anna Jobe, Dylan 2nd – any additional nominations – nominate Jessica Wolf – Jerry Wolf – discussion – background why? Jamin gave background on Annie – Jerry gave background on Jessica – Anna grew up here in this division and can give a great perspective since she competed in other divisions - Jessica – drew up racing for SR, skied for RMC and was Asst coach – PSIA certified – would be a good pick also. Annie Jobe is voted in as the new ACC Student Rep

    • Development Committee Update

      • Discretionary Wording- (Roger) – we need to work on the discretionary wording and petitions – at our devo meeting, we formed a group to work on it and the language around it – making it more defined. Google doc and to review the handbook. Roger, Ryan Jeremy, Curtis, Sherri, Craig, Dylan, Jamin. What really are Extraordinary circumstances? GOAL is to make it easier for ACC to make decisions and easy to find in handbook

      • Selections – no changes as other divisions are moving back to head to head

    • Coaches Education- Level 100 – winter 2021-22 have clubs have all coaches licensed – coming up with a pocket guide – will be a big challenge – it is expensive – we will see how it goes – they need a really good format – easy and accessible and respected as viable process

    • Officials Education (Mike?) – we will have a fall clinic as we always have – probably in November again – we had a few other clinics – online would be great using this medium but likely won’t happen - working to get our new TD’s experience – officials need in the field training

    • Calendaring for 2020/2021 – worked on the calendar draft and it will be brought up again in the fall and we will finalize it and recommend to the general membership to approve

  • Northern Division Manager

    • Membership Update/Club Registration - Sherri went over Club Minimum Requirements – put up Power Point for all clubs to see

    • Travel to WR Meetings & Congress – very costly to travel to two meetings for the division – especially congress – we will need to be more careful – if a club is already traveling to Club Excellence, they need to cover their own transportation,- the division can only cover the cost of one vehicle going there – or can meet up somewhere along the way

    • Northern Division Financials (to date) – covid and weather had a big impact on our financials this season – we lost several starts – we refunded all trip costs and that also included admin expenses – we hope next year we can get back to a more normal year

  • Goals and Tentative Schedule for Fall Meeting 2020 & Officials Education – Tentatively set for Missoula in mid - October –October 9 &10? hoping to meet face to face

New Business: none

Friday February 7, 2020 ACC Winter

ND ACC Winter Meeting Agenda

Friday, February 7th, 2020

Big Sky Clubhouse

Big Sky, MT

Call to Order: 6:35 p.m.

Welcome/Identification of Members present: Roger Bay, Jeremy Ueland, Jessica Wolf, Jeremy Wolf, Sherri Hale, Dylan Snell, Ryan Ludemann, Mark Selby (Lisa’s proxy), Courtney Schad, Aaron Haffey, Jamin Patten, Craig Krueger -ACC quorum present

Approval of Minutes from Fall ACC Meeting: Roger motion to approve, Ryan seconded, -no objections

Old Business:

  • Program Status: Clubs report on their current overall program status (staffing, funding, events, etc...) – quick updates from clubs represented

  • ACC Chair Report – ACC Chair

    • Western Region Update: Jeremy gave update from recent regional speed camp

    • Northern Division Business:

      • Open ACC Position/Athlete Rep. Several athlete names came up for possibilities – will fill in the summer meeting – want to make sure they will attend meetings if possible (Anna Jobe, Jessica Wolf, Callie Dahlberg)

      • Qualifier – One Run GS Whitefish. After some initial discussion, ACC determined NOT to use the one one run as a qualifier as there were other full races to utilize – Jeremy Wolf proposed using only two run events as qualifiers this season and Roger Bay seconded. No objections.

      • Petition (Roger). – Roger brought up the issue of FIS racers competing at FIS events in order to qualify for national events – both Octavia and Max were missing SG’s due to tech qualifiers they had to attend in order to qualify for Championship events. Sherri noted the handbook and selection procedures (double board) accommodate this and that is a legitimate reason for missing a qualifier when it unfortunately conflicts with ours and under these circumstances they should be left on the boards. After short discussion, Dylan proposed leaving those athletes with petitions on the boards, Jeremy Wolf seconded – no objections.

      • Selection Boards/Selection Process. Discussion about our quota spots and how we do our selections – there is some interest in possible changes

      • Working Group/Devo-Spring Retreat? Sherri suggested a retreat this spring for a working group if change to selections is going to happen- it takes planning, research and time. A lot goes into selections and we want our best athletes attending. It was decided that there was enough interest to add this to our spring meeting schedule with the understanding that a select few (Roger, Jamin leading) would start working on this.

      • New YSL Rule – no further issues since we put out information to clubs about this, but other divisions have asked for clarification and expect this to get brought up again in regional and national meetings.

  • Northern Division Manager

    • Northern Division Financials (to date): Division has had some cancelations and changes and expects head tax to be down from projections – we are sitting slightly ahead of where we were last season at this time.

    • Tri-Divisional Lodging: Link to lodging at Big Sky was sent out. Make sure athletes know to get reservations if they believe they will get selected as lodging is filling up and difficult at that time.

    • Pending List: Sherri asked if everyone knew how to find this list and ensure those on it are aware – clubs especially should be checking

  • Goals and Tentative Schedule for Winter Meeting 2020 – Tentative dates Missoula Working group Friday, May 29th all day – more Saturday am. ACC meeting noon on Saturday with calendaring to follow.

New Business: none

Meeting adjourned 7: 40 p.m.

Minutes of the OCTOBER 5, 2019 Northern Division Annual General Meeting Helena, MT

Tim Hinderman, Northern Division President called the meeting to order at 8:05 A.M. and a roll call of Clubs and Members was performed. In attendance were Sherri Hale, ND Manager; Tim Hinderman, ND President; Roy Loman, ND Vice President; Curtis Shuck, ND Secretary; Ryan Ludemann, Discovery Ski Team; Lisa Ballard; Red Lodge/Big Sky; Roger Bay, BSF; Craig Krueger, GDST; Jerry Wolf, RMC; Vanessa Selby, Red Lodge; Jeremy Worlf, Red Lodge; Dylan Snell, MSEF; Jeremy Ueland, BSSEF; Kristi Borge, PMEF(Maverick) and Rogers Little, GDST. Bill Gunesch, US Skiing was in attendance via phone conference. A quorum of member being established, the Meeting proceeded. Tim asked the ND Members to review and approve the minutes from the 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Special Board of Directors Meeting held on February 8, 2019. General discussion followed. Motion #1: Approve the Minutes from the October, 2018 AGM and Special Board of Directors Meeting February 8, 2019. Made: Craig Krueger/ Second: Lisa Ballard – Passed Unanimously Sherri Hale, ND Manager provided background on the Safe Sport initiative and MAAPP (Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies) specifically as it relates to the Northern Division and the ND Clubs, as well as the national impacts. Sherri presented the US Skiing MAAPP Training Slide Deck to the Members in attendance. Bill Gunesch provided the US Skiing Skills Quest Physical Testing Program and provided some information on Testing Guidelines and availability of data from the tests. Bill also provided general updates from US Skiing. Tim Hinderman introduced Rogers Little with GDST who he had asked to lead a discussion with the ND Members on “Conflict of Interest” and how that dovetailed with the US Skiing Code of Conduct and general ethics. Rogers went into detail on how best to apply ethics on a daily basis both on and off the ski hill for ND Members and Member Clubs. Rogers was able to provide some excellent perspective and examples for the Members consideration. Tim then asked for a ND Program Status Report and each Club in attendance delivered a brief update. Jeremy Ueland provided a brief update of the Northern Division Alpine Competition Committee (ACC) from the meetings held October 4, 2019. There was additional discussion on the WR Mission Ridge U16 Project Selection Criteria for Northern Division. 2 | Page Jeremy asked the Members to approve the ND Selection Criteria based on the ND Selection Boards using List 20 from the 2019 Season – Final Points List from 2019, by each specific discipline and have a ND Selection named by 10/15/2019. Motion #2: Approve the ND Selection Procedure for the Western Region U16 Project using the methodology described above. Made: Lisa Ballard/ Second: Jeremy Ueland – Passed Unanimously Jeremy then presented the highlights of the ACC actions taken during the Working Meeting and asked the ND Members to approve the ACC Actions from the October 4, 2019 Meeting. Motion #3: Approve the ND ACC Actions from the Working Meeting held October 4, 2019. Made: Dylan Snell / Second: Lisa Ballard – Passed Unanimously Jeremy presented the 2019/2020 Northern Division Competition Calendar to the ND Members and asked for its approval. Motion #4: Approve the 2019/2020 Northern Division Competition Calendar. Made: Jeremy Ueland / Second: Ryan Ludemann – Passed Unanimously Tim Hinderman presented the Draft 2019/2020 Northern Division Operating Budget and walked through the budget categories in detail. There was discussion amongst the members and support for the Budget as presented. Motion #5: Approve the 2019/2020 Northern Division Operating Budget. Made: Ryan Ludemann / Second: Jeremy Ueland – Passed Unanimously Sherri Hale, Northern Division Manager provided a Divisional Update as well as updates from the US Skiing Fall Meetings. Tim Hinderman then presented the Northern Division President’s Report, discussing the work on the 2020 Budget, the request for a Bylaw Review Committee and a look ahead to the upcoming competition season. Curtis Shuck, Northern Division Secretary and Nominating Committee Chairperson presented a slate of Northern Division Board Officers for Election at this Annual General Meeting. Curtis presented: Vice President – Roy Lowman Treasurer – Tony Nunnikhoven President Tim Hinderman then asked for nominations from the floor three times as required by Roberts Rule of Order. Hearing no nominations from the floor, Tim asked the Northern Division Members for a motion to approve the Slate of Officers as presented by the Nominating Committee. Motion #6: Election of Northern Division Board of Director Officers, Vice President – Roy Loman and Treasurer, Tony Nunnikhoven. Made: Craig Krueger / Second: Jeremy Wolf – Passed Unanimously 3 | Page With no further business before the General Member of the Northern Division, Tim Hinderman asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion #7: Election of Northern Division Board of Director Officers, Vice President – Roy Loman and Treasurer, Tony Nunnikhoven. Made: Craig Krueger / Second: Jeremy Wolf – Passed Unanimously Motion #7: Adjourn the 2019 Northern Division Annual General Meeting. Made: Ryan Ludemann / Second: Lisa Ballard – Passed Unanimously The Northern Division Annual General Meeting was adjourned at 11:20 A.M. Minutes prepared by Curtis E. Shuck, Jr. Northern Division Secretary from notes taken from the meeting. Curtis Shuck, ND Secretary